Bill Ranshaw
Personal Empowerment &
Behavioral Addiction Coach

Expertise: Personal Empowerment
& Behavioral Addiction Recovery


It's Time you Shed the Shame!

I will help you quit PORN forever
and RETRAIN your brain to elevate ANY area of your life with
Natural Attraction, Wealth, Confidence, and Happiness


I spent nearly 30 years addicted to pornography and sex. As a young man, I thought I was unstoppable... until I hit my mid 30's

Life became uninteresting, I became easily bored, distracted and started losing most enjoyment to hobbies and interactions with other people and I found I began job skipping to different careers every couple of years, I was becoming numb to life. It wasn't soon after I had a complete loss of libido, sexual arousal and sexual desire. I could not sustain any relationship with a woman.

After years of trying everything; motivational books, videos, seminars, therapists, coaches, and even Acupuncture, nothing ever seemed to stick and I would fall back to my old habits and depression.

It wasn't until I was in my early 40's a very close friend, concerned about me and my direction, asked if I watched Porn.  I said "Of course, just as much as everyone else" He urged me to consider that it may be an underlying cause of all my problems. I argued with him and said it was healthy and a very useful tool and an outlet for me. He again suggested that "I just consider it".  I thought he was crazy and carried about my ways.

It was a year later that I found myself near rock bottom, numb, lonely, and really no desire to carry on. Then I remembered my friend's words... "Just consider it"

At this point, I had nothing to lose and I considered it. It was then after research and hearing so many other stories of brave men who spoke out that I learned ALL the harm porn had been doing to my life.   It was then I realized I that Porn would NEVER allow me to have the future I wanted.

It was March 21st, 2017 that I stopped watching Porn and Masturbation...  Since then my life has skyrocketed and catapulted me to a future I never thought imaginable full of success, love, compassion, energy, abundance, and happiness

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Does porn use affect your relationships? Are the effects positive or negative? Can porn become addictive? In this episode Kevin & CĂ©line talk with Bill Ranshaw a recovered Porn and Sex Addict about his personal experience with porn use for over 35 years and how it affected not only his sex/dating life but also his work life and health.
This weeks topic is all about porn! We discuss the possibility of addiction and the ups and downs caused by being an addict. We look at how our sexual and mental health is affected by porn and how this can lead to problems in both relationships and dating. We look at different categories of porn and where problems can begin? Is it anything like real life or are some people left hanging to get their thrills?

On this show we're talking the power of "No Fap". We've got Porn Recovery Expert & Coach, Bill Ranshaw on the show. He helps men who struggle with porn bring awareness to the harm that it is causing in their life and relationships and teach them how to stop porn forever, retrain their brain to elevate every area of their life.


In this episode, Gabe Petersen interview Bill Ranshaw, 3x Emmy award winner, documentary producer, addiction coach and recovered porn addict. Bill has a truly inspiring story to tell about his own journey with porn addiction and what he did to overcome it. Bill is open and vulnerable with us and brings some insightful wisdom on overcoming addiction and living your best life, so strap in, grab your pen and paper and enjoy the show.
In this episode, Bill Ranshaw, Porn Recovery Expert, talks about how to stop watching porn for good. 

After years of failed relationships, chronic fatigue, unhappiness in multiple careers and loneliness, Bill realized he had to completely eradicate his addictions in order to have a future of love, intimacy, success, and true happiness. He overcame and ended his porn use and sex addiction on March 21st, 2017. 
Bill Ranshaw discusses his inspiring story, of how porn addiction snuck up on him and how his recovery has led him to a higher purpose! By using his voice, being completely vulnerable, he shares his story with the hope to help others. 


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