Stopping Porn is actually easy.
However, building strong systems, purpose, mindset, and ways of dealing with everyday life which fills the void and keeps the compulsion away forever is THE hardest thing to do!
A Transformation to Living a Connected, Present, & Empowered Life!

The PORN RECOVERY ACADEMY provides a step-by-step recovery process with systems and tools to ensure you Stop Porn forever and NEVER relapse! 


STOP Porn binging and eliminate the guilt that follows.

Learn the Tools and Systems to Cope with Anxiety, Stress, & Depression,
without resorting to Porn

Gain the motivation to actually socialize &
and drastically improve your relationships with friends & family!

Build a strong, POWERFUL, identity

Attain the motivation to pursue goals

Increase your Earning Potential 

Attract HIGH Value Women

Gain Back Your Libido, Sexual Arousal & Desire & Beat Flatline and
Cure Your Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction!

Uncover the real you and achieve the life you deserve!
Find your Passion and Purpose to live into your full potential!
This is NOT a 12-step Program!

This is NOT a Religious based program



  • Receive a comprehensive breakdown of the science of how neurotransmitters in the Brain are manipulated affected by P0RN.
  • Gain Daily Systems & Routines to set yourself up for success.
  • Uncover and examine the Triggers in your life.
  • Identify negative response behaviors from triggers (Compulsion to watch P0RN & masturbate) and replace. EMPOWERING response behaviors (Energy, Motivation, Growth, Strength, Action, etc.).
  • Learn POWERFUL systems to Cope with Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, and Depression. 
  • Examine past events or traumas to understand the limiting self-beliefs and disempowering mindset and behaviors that have subconsciously arisen through your life and have become “Your Story”.
  • Re-evaluate your understanding of “Meaning” and how it is created. Harness the power to create your own meaning to Past, Current, and Future events & experiences.
  • Receive Step by Step exercises on how to positively connect with other people in an instance.
  • Complete a 24 hour Day of Dopamine detox where you connect with yourself and your surroundings in a “Present State of Being”.
  • Re-gain or increase your motivation to social interactions l and once again enjoy old hobbies, interests, and passions.
  • Learn to express yourself powerfully with confidence.
  • Learn the techniques to empower yourself to make “Tough Conversations”, just conversation.
  • Extensive exercise to uncover blind spots of how you are showing up less than empowered to others in your life.
  • Develop new possibilities that lead to your core Purpose in Life.
  • Take action on those possibilities and begin your new Porn Free life with Purpose!

AT LEAST One Zoom call a week (confidential group call) with Your Coach to ask questions and hear other people’s questions that you can learn from.
Access to a PRIVATE community of men with the same struggles and challenges., as well as men to partner with as mentors who have conquered their lives who will provide you daily accountability! You will eventually grow and become a mentor yourself
Receive Lifetime access to:
            -Weekly Video Calls
            -Private Community of fellow members and Mentors
            - All Future iterations and additions to the program
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